-Simple Life Reflections- My name is Shannon Dant. These are my words, written by hand. IG:shannonfosho. Need someone to talk to? You can email me at simplewritings@rocketmail.com

I’m gonna be out of town for a couple of weeks. I’ll set up a little queue. You can still reach me at my e-mail (simplewritings@rocketmail.com) and any letter requests I get in that time I will write when I get back.

You’re awesome, you’re beautiful, I’m thankful for you. :]

Hello, my name is Shannon and I think you’re beautiful.




If you have ever felt ashamed of who you are, if you have ever hated the way you look, if you have ever physically hurt yourself to numb the pain aching inside of you, if you have ever felt left out or alone, inbox me your address and I will handwrite you a letter. I don’t care where you are in the world. I want to personally tell you how beautiful you are and how happy I am that you are alive.

Just a reminder that this offer doesn’t expire.

Also, if you tell me a little about yourself it makes it easier to write the letter.